Indian non veg recipes are famous for its twist flavors.

Each region has their specific taste, spices, and variety of methods. Here you can find some quick and easy non veg recipes including egg curry, egg casserole, butter chicken, fish fingers, scrambled eggs, garlic prawns risotto, fish curry, grilled seer fish and more.

Chicken Recipes :

Chicken is a great source of protein that you can cook in many flavors.

Here I pick for you a collection of simple chicken non veg recipes from coastal regions of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bengal, Kerala and North Indian.

Make your chicken dish more juicy and tender with Indian spices, ginger, garlic, and herbs.

These meat recipes are just what you need in your daily meals with a handful of ingredients.

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Easy Egg Recipes:

Here I share some easy and delicious way to eat eggs.

Try these yummy Indian egg non veg recipes such as egg casserole, egg bhurji (Indian spice scrambled eggs) for a speedy, protein-packed meal any time of day – breakfast, evening snacks, brunch, or even dinner.

Fish and Sea Food Recipes:

Try these easy and quick fish recipes that take less time to cook.

These mouthwatering seafood recipes are made from fish, prawns, mussels and more.

These recipes are just perfect for brunch or tired weeknights without compromising with its taste.

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Do try this flavourful and fast dishes at home and savor the rustic goodness in a quick weekday meal!

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