I have been getting a couple of requests on writing more on kitchen hacks and tricks that make our life easy so today I decided to share methods for storing the herbs and keeping them fresh. I am glad that you like my last article on kitchen hacks.

It’s winter in Canada and I am always a laid back person when it comes to going out and buying the groceries every other day. I always buy groceries in bulk which save money and time. But there’s always a big frustration of keeping the vegetables fresh for a longer time. Especially when it comes to the herbs like cilantro, mint or dill. If you don’t take care they can just wither away and lose its aroma and purpose.

Over time the time I have tried different methods to store herbs for long-term and I love these 2 ways the most in keeping them fresh. You can keep them fresh for a couple of weeks with these methods. And if you like to know how I take pictures of my dishes and steps I have written about it here.

So let me quickly introduce you to both of my favorite methods that are easy to follow and serves the purpose.

Method 1 – Leaves only

Here I only store the leaves rather than taking care of the whole bunch with stems. The pros of it are its save space and quick to use as the stems are already plucked out. So let’s see how I do this.

Things needed – A storage container, kitchen paper towel sheet

1.  Pluck out the leaves from each stem and place them on a plate to dry for half an hour. Avoid any rinsing at this point in time.

herb leaves with storage container and kitchen towel

2.  Take a storage container you might think will fit the leaves in loosely.

3.  Place the kitchen paper towel in it leaving aside outside the box.

kitchen towel inside storage container with herbs aside

4.  Place all your leaves into the box and cover with the paper side.

kitchen towel with herbs inside



kitchen towel with herbs covered

5.  Cover the container with the lid and store in a refrigerator.

6.  Don’t forget to wash before you use them.

Method 2 – With the stems

Things needed – A mason jar or any glass bottle, water and plastic bag to cover

 1.  Trim the ends of the stems to remove the extra dirt or roots. No rinsing.

2.  Remove any dirty or withered stems.

3.  Fill half of the glass bottle or mason jar with water.

4.  Place the stems as a bunch of flowers in the water.

herbs in glass of water for storage

5.  Cover the bottle with a plastic bag.

glass of water with herbs covered in plastic

6.  Store in refrigerator.

herbs wrapped in plastic and stored in fridge
7.  Change the water if required or once a week.

8.  Don’t forget to wash them properly before using them.

So here was my home experimented ways to store the herbs for long-term and keeping them fresh. If you have your own method and have been using it please share it in the comments below and I would love to include it in this blog with your name. So do share. If you want to see how I take perfect photos with my smartphone here is the guide to it. Happy Holidays