Moving overseas to study brings with it a lot of challenges. One such is -cooking at home. Mastering basic cooking techniques can help you make better meals, keep you healthy by avoiding outside junk and also helps maintain your budget.

Below listed are a few very basic cooking skills for students, bachelors and even adults who don’t know where to start. Best thing – these are videos which you can easily follow.

Always remember even the best chef didn’t get the things right in the first place so keep practicing.

How to cook rice

A simple way to cook comfort food. Whether you are running late for your classes or are back from a stressful day, rice can just go with any leftover curries or bread. If nothing still works, just try having steaming rice with lots of ghee. You will bring your childhood back.

If you have time make – egg rice or try mix veggie spicy rice


How to make roti dough / Indian flatbread dough simple

Making dough might look scary to you but its not. And if you learn to make this it will solve your many problems. To save time make more dough and store it in batches wrapped in a clean plastic wrap.


How to make Indian Tea

Have friends at home? Make piping hot masala chai and impress them with your skills.


How to cut onions

This is the most unpleasant skill to learn. But, trust me it’s relatively easy and safe. Finely chopped onions are used in a majority of dishes like poha, pakora/fritters, nachos salsa and almost every Indian chaat and bhels. So watch below how you can do it in a tear free!


How to julienne carrots

Cutting those long beautiful strips of carrots for your next Chinese dish isn’t a dream now. Learn how you can master the skill like a chef.


How to chop the coriander

Coriander is a very versatile herb. Probably the most loved garnishing agent in the whole Indian cuisine. It makes the dish so flavorful. To finely chop it needs a trick. See it in action:


How to mince garlic

Learn how easily you can peel off the garlic and mince it.


How to chop capsicum


How to chop bell peppers


How to chop cabbage

Cabbage shredded into strips goes in a variety of dishes like Pita sandwich, chicken noodles or salads.


How to deseed a pomegranate

See how easily you can get pomegranate seeds for your bhel or chaat or smoothies.

With limited cooking skills and simple ingredients also you can cook up a nice healthy meal and save your day. Do try them and if you have any other brilliant dish or skill that will help others do share in the comments below.