What is Bachelor Recipe ?

Bachelor Recipe is a global platform where people can come to share and find food dishes. Some people live alone for studies or work, cooking their own meals is tough after the day ends. For them, Bachelor Recipe provides easy, quick and healthy recipes. Cooking enthusiast can share their new and innovative recipes on this platform giving them a global identity.

How to sign up on Bachelor Recipe ?
  • step 1- Go to www.bachelorrecipe.com
  • step 2- Click on Register on top right corner of the page
  • step 3- Fill in your details for registration.
  • step 4- Select “Chef” if you are a professional chef and select “User” if you are a home cook
  • step 5- Click on Register
I forgot my login information what do I do ?

If you forgot your password then select forgot password in login option and reset your password using your username or email id.

How can I change my password ?

If you forgot your password then, you can reset it by entering your email ID and then select the forgot password option and site will confirm your email id and provides you reset new password option, fill that column and make your new password.

How to submit recipe on Bachelor Recipe ?
  1. Register if you are a new user or login on www.bachelorrecipe.com.
  2. Click on the Submit Recipe menu on the top.
  3. Add your recipe in the form and submit.
  4. The recipe will go in review and once reviewed by the Bachelor Recipe Team it will be published.
How can I participate in Bachelor Recipe contest ?
  1. Go to Contests on www.bachelorrecipe.com.
  2. Select the current open contest to participate.
  3. Read the terms and conditions to participate.
  4. Follow the instructions to submit the recipe for the contest.
How do I check my recipe's submission status ?

You can check your recipe’s submission status from My Recipes.

How can I comment on Recipe ?

At the end of each recipe, you will find a comment box where you can add your comment for the recipe. If you are not logged on the website will ask you to log in and then submit the comment.

How do I print a Recipe ?

when you open the recipe you can see the print option on a steady strip in the bottom of the page having the PRINT option in it.

How do I start Reading Mode ?

when you open the recipe, you can see the option of reading mode on the bottom, by clicking on it you can start your reading mode.

How can I review and rate Recipes ?

At the end of each recipe, there is the option to “Rate the recipe”. Select the stars you want to give to the recipe and submit.

Where can I find my recipe that I submitted for recipe contest ?
  1. Go to our contest page.
  2. Go to particular recipe contest page that you participate.
  3. After Contest Information, you can see your recipe under ‘Contest Entries’ heading.