It is not space but the organization that helps in maintaining the decor of your kitchen. Here are the 10 tips for creating the minimalist kitchen.

Irrespective of whether your kitchen is large with modular shelves or a simple tiny one with small spaces, organizing makes a huge difference. First select specific areas to work in your kitchen, it will save your time in creating the minimalist kitchen.

A neatly organized kitchen is one where you do not have to put in too much effort to find things.

If you need to rummage through every day looking for a simple frying pan, then it’s time you rearrange your kitchen!

 A well-organized kitchen helps you in doing your daily chores and activities with ease while keeping it tidy.

There are countless organization tips available but finding out the ones that are easy on your pocket is not straightforward.

In this article, we have compiled the most useful tips and tricks that you may need while kitchen organization essentials.

1. Pass or sell the things you do not use

If your kitchen is running out of space, you might have things which are eating up space.

There is a smarter way of getting things into order, either throw out those primitive utensils or re-sell them.

It will also help in earning you some extra bucks, cleaning up space and minimalist kitchen.  

2. Keep Essentials Handy

Make sure that you keep things like containers, spatulas or teapots in handy locations as searching for them in unusual places can be quite an ordeal. That helps in the minimalist kitchen and it saves your time too.

Therefore, it is a wise decision to place your frying pan in an area that is easy to find and the pasta machine that you hardly use stashed away in a cabinet of your kitchen.

Besides, tools that you rarely use should better find their place where they can be useful.

storage space in kitchen organization essentials

3. Install pocket organizers and sink drawers

Several storage accessories make organization easy and quick.

Such vertical and horizontal organizers can be used to store baking sheets, silver foils, cutting boards, sharp objects like knives, forks, etc.

The unused space beside your sink can also be filled by installing tiny drawers and holders in which you can put extra spoons and baby cups.

Some small tips and tricks always help you in organizing your minimalist kitchen. 

accessories drawers for kitchen organization essentials

4. Store large utensils in a larger cabinet

Categorize lids, stock pots, skillets and saucepans for storing them in different large cabinets in an efficient way.

A wide open cabinet or slid down drawer is proved to be the best storage options for pots and pans.

Hence, instead of placing them on the slab that makes the kitchen look less organized, it is better to put bigger utensils in wide and large cabinets.

Store large utensils for kitchen organization essentials

5. Area for food preparation should be identified

Identify a suitable area for preparation of your food. This includes chopping, slicing, whisking, etc.

The identification should be done keeping in mind several points such as locations near the lower and upper cabinets and relatively at a small distance from the chimney.

Tools like a gas lighter, baking sheets, kitchen clothes should also be placed near the cooking area.


cooking area for kitchen organization essentials

6. Place hang boards on the inner side of cabinet doors

Not all the space in the cabinets is covered, you can still use the empty inner sides of the cabinet doors.

You can hang cork boards and hang pins on the doors that can be used to place measuring cups, cooking spoons, etc.

7. Stick the most frequently used recipes on the front wall or cupboard door

All of the cookbooks that you brought from fairs and shops cannot be placed in your kitchen altogether.

For a quick look up into your most used recipe, you can stick/paste those recipes right in front of your eyes that is either on the front wall of your cooking platform or the cupboard door.

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cookbook rack for kitchen organization essentials

8. Arrange all the spices and pulses in an individual cabinet

Finding the salt jar or black pepper in different corners of your kitchen is another headache.

Not only it consumes a lot of time, but also it eats up a large space that makes the kitchen look messy and unorganized.

Also, there is a better way to clear up space by arranging all the spices, pulses, and other edible items in individual racks.

arrang spices for kitchen organization essentials

9. Use zip lock bags to hold butter wrappers, napkins, baking sheets, etc.

All the random but essential things like napkins, cleaning cloths, butter wrappers, etc. can be zip locked in different see-through bags that gives your kitchen a neat look.

10. Hanging pot rack

If you do not have much space for storing pots, use a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling. Affordable and useful, a hanging pot rack saves you a lot of space thereby making your kitchen look organized.

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Arranging your kitchen well is not a tough job as they say that ‘There’s a place for everything and everything needs a place.’All these essential hacks can help in organizing your kitchen thereby making cooking as easy as ABC!