A kitchen is the heart of your home and keeping it tidy is the best way to make your home a happy one.  Making your kitchen clutter free and organized seems like a tedious and never-ending process. However, it is not unachievable.

If you have looked at a clean kitchen and wondered how the owner of the house keeps it so clutter-free, it’s a lot easier than you think!

All you need to do is follow a few simple hacks and voila!

You have a perfectly organized and clutter free kitchen!

We have listed a few ways which will help you in maintaining a clutter free kitchen on a daily basis.  

1. Clean the counter-tops and sinks regularly

Just after cooking your meal, clean the platforms, sinks, countertops, and cookware.

If they are kept untidy, they will take a significant amount of kitchen space and will add to the clutter. For sink cleaning, you do not have to purchase expensive kitchen cleaners that just take up space under your sink.

All you need is a soap, scrubs and a cloth kept near the sink.

After serving a meal, do not put off cleaning counter-tops for later on.

If you clean it off immediately, you will save yourself from the hassle of scrubbing it for hours it every week.

After washing the dishes, wash the sink immediately as it reduces accumulation of stubborn grease that saves time off your weekend washing up sessions.

Clean the counter-tops and sinks regularly kitchen organization ideas

2. Keep things in cabinets

To make your kitchen look neat, it is always better that you place items in cabinets.  

It is still a better option when compared to keeping things on open shelves which can make your kitchen look messy.

Moreover, cabinets help you in hiding all the unwanted clutter you have.

Unwanted gadgets which take up extra space on your kitchen counter should be stashed away in the cupboard after use as it takes up extra space after being used for a few minutes in a day.

For instance, a toaster used to toast bread will be used for 5-10 minutes every day.

After that, the toaster is not utilized for the whole day. You can use    

However, if you wish to opt for open shelving, make sure you display things in stylish containers and then display them to give your kitchen a more defined look.

Keep things in cabinets kitchen organization ideas

3. Keep large recycling and trash containers

Not every house has a recycling area, but trash containers can be found at every house.

Some containers are multipurpose hence they can be used for both recycling and trashing purpose.

You can install a  large and deep container so that you can store waste materials for a long time.

In some homes, people use trash and plastic bags that cause health issues and make your kitchen look messy by sitting there and taking up space.

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4. Organize the piles

Things that are piled up do not give your kitchen a good appearance.

Things like pot lids, trash bags, pans, kitchen wraps and small appliances can make the whole place look messy.  

Instead of piling, fix hooks on the walls to hang your pots, add magnetic strips and place your knives on them. Instead of storing your plastic bags in another bigger bag, buy a rolled bag genie to hold them.

This way you will save yourself a lot of counter space.

Organize the piles kitchen organization ideas

5. Arrange your pantry

It is also important to arrange your pantry as it is an integral part of your kitchen.

Supplies kept haphazardly can add to the clutter of your kitchen. Arrange all the cans on shelves or buy an organizer for the same.

Use round organizers to hold rounded bottles that hold oils, medicine bottles and vitamins.  

Freestanding drawers are great to hold containers that hold dry goods.

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arrange pantry in kitchen organization ideas

Overall, pay attention to different parts and requirements to make clutter free kitchen.

Not all the tools and devices are meant for clutter free kitchen. Take care of the teapot you use regularly and pay less attention to those expensive wooden spoons as they are not your everyday helping hand.

Keeping your kitchen clutter free cannot be achieved in a day. It is a long-term plan that needs to be executed with determination.

Paying attention to things indicates enjoying cooking and working in your kitchen.

Organize utensils, jars, containers, and crockery.

Subsequently, make changes in the stone age way of organizing things and be ready to welcome new changes, ideas, tips, tricks, some trouble saving hacks and techniques.