Saying Mandi in different languages:

French – Mandi
Spanish – Mandi
Gujarati – મંડી
Arabic: المندي
Hindi – मंडी


What is Mandi, actually?

Mandi or Kuzhi Manthi is one type of biryani dish made with meat (chicken or lamb), spices and rice. It originates from Saudi Arabia and the traditional dish of Yemen. It is also popular in Malabar region of Kerala and Karnataka. The word “mandi” comes from the Arabic word nada, meaning “dew”. It is different from another meat recipe, as meat is cooked in the tandoor ( a special kind of oven).

How it made?

Generally, it serves as a main dish, lunch or dinner. As it not too heavy, so perfect for a weekday lunch. To make this authentic mandi biryani dish, first, we need to boil small sized chicken pieces or lamb with spices. Then cook the brown rice with spiced stock from boiled meat. Now, roast or slowly cook boiled meat into tandoor. And now in a final stage, add smoked meat into cooked rice and serve it with yogurt sauce (tzatziki)! This dish served during special occasions, such as Eid, family functions, and feasts.