Cardamom, the mere mention of this spice tends to remind you of its tantalizing aroma. An important component in South Asian cuisine its benefits go way beyond its exotic flavor and aroma. Rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, sulfur, manganese and essential vitamins it has many health benefits too. Let’s run you through some of the health benefits of cardamom pods that would make it one of your most desirable spices.

Helps in Digestion & Improves Appetite

It is rich in dietary fibers and known to have carminative properties that not only improves digestion but also offer relief from acidity, bloating and heartburn. It increases bile flow and you experience improved appetite.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Regular intake of cardamom helps in regulating heartbeat thus lowering the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Potassium, one of the cardamom’s key components is known to prevent platelet aggregation and inflammation. It also prevents a surge of lipids and thus helps control cholesterol levels.

Say Goodbye To Bad Breath

If your bad breath has become embarrassing, cardamom is the answer to your woes. It has strong antibacterial properties that fight germs and helps you say goodbye to bad breath. The pleasant smell would also enhance your personality.

Detoxification & Improved Metabolism

Being rich in manganese and other antioxidants it acts as a great detoxifying agent in your body. It helps in creating enzymes that destroy free radicals and help in improving your body’s immunity and overall metabolism.

Acts As an Anti-Depressant

Oil extracted from cardamom is extensively used in aromatherapy to treat depression. It is believed that people suffering from depression experience relief by including this spice in their regular diet.

Reduces Chances of Cancer

It has been medically proven that cardamom pods have anti-carcinogenic properties and reduce the chances of colorectal cancer. In fact, there is on-going research on the benefits of cardamom in preventing other types of cancer.

Reduces Chances of Urinary Diseases

Intake of cardamom on a regular basis can help in preventing the chances of a number of urinary tract infections such as gonorrhea, cystitis, and nephritis. In fact, Ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment of these problems have cardamom as an important component.

Helps in Regulating Blood Pressure

Cardamom is proven to reduce blood pressure and help patients who suffer from hypertension. Its consumption is known to increase fibrinolytic in blood that reduces the chances of the clot and helps fight hypertension.

Make cardamom a part of your regular diet and enjoy these health benefits and much more.