Saying Chive in different languages:

French – ciboulette
Spanish – cebollín
Gujarati – A type of Dungali (Onion)
Hindi – A type of Pyaaj (Onion)


Chive is the smallest and most delicate member of the onion family. It is a popular herb used in European cookery. They have long, thin green blades that are hollow inside. They have a mild, grassy flavour similar to baby spring onions or young leeks. There is also an Asian variety of chive called Chinese chives, garlic chives or kuchai.

Chives are used to garnish the dish as well as it makes the dish better in every aspect in terms of decoration, test and health.


Cooking with Chive:

When you want to add the flavour of onion without it being intense, chives are infinitely useful in cooking. And because they are mild, you can also use them generously and enjoy the bonus of their bright green color.

Recipes that can be made with Chive:

  • Little Toasts
  • Starters
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Vegetables
  • Main Dishes