Saying Shawarma in different languages:

French – Shawarma
Spanish – Shawarma
Gujarati – શોર્મા
Hindi – शॉर्मा



Shawarma (also spelled Shawurma) is an Arabic term.

It is a type of Levantine meat preparation where mixed meats are placed on a spit and grilled for a day.

It is served on a plate or as a sandwich.

Shawarma is best for real treat to make a tasty lunch, a delicious dinner or a late night snack

Shawarma is made from soaked meat that has been slow roasted on a vertical spit for many hours – the meat can be anything from lamb, beef or chicken to goat, turkey or a combination of any of these.

Once cooked, the meat is carved off in thin, wide strips and stuffed inside a flatbread along with a variety of vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, pickles and parsley. Condiments can range from garlic yoghurt to hummus to chili and pickled mango sauce, and while the type of bread used will vary depending upon where you are, pita, lavash and taboon are most popular.

Where Shawarma is cooked?

Shawarma can be found just about everywhere, from Lebanon and England to Egypt and Australia, with every culture boasting their own style and flavour.