Saying Galangal in different languages:

French – Galanga
Spanish – Galanga
Gujarati – ગાળંગળ
hindi – कुलंजन


What is Galangal?

It is a spice as well as medicine widely used in South East Asia. They are closely related to common ginger. It is also used as a flavoring throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, and parts of India. It’s a rhizome as ginger but tastes different. You can find it in Asian markets as whole fresh or frozen or in dried or powdered form.

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Difference between Galangal and Ginger:

Galangal known as Kah in Thai has a shiner and whiter skin, where ginger has a soft brown coating. Galangal is harder and woody compared to ginger. It has a sharp citrusy and piney flavor, while ginger pungently spicy.

Health Benefits:

It is a good source of fiber and like turmeric and ginger, it has a numerous medicinal and health benefits. It is traditionally used in herbal medicines. The herb is used to treat indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach ache. It also helps reduce bacterial infections.

Use in cooking:

It’s widely used as a seasoning in Thai, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. It used in preparing many meat, vegetable and fish dishes.