Saying Cookie Butter in different languages:

French – Beurre à biscuits
Spanish – Mantequilla de galleta
Danish – Trøffel-masse
Gujarati – કૂકી માખણ
Hindi – कुकी मक्खन


Cookie butter is a food paste made primarily from Speculoos cookies crumbs; fat such as vegetable oil, condensed milk or butter; flour and sugar. The ingredients are mixed until it becomes spreadable like nut butter.

Eating Cookie Butter in different ways:

Cookie butter is a delicious ingredient that can be eaten in following different ways:

  1. Drizzled over your favorite frozen candy bar
  2. As a Fondue
  3. Mixed in a slutty brownie
  4. Swirled on a toasted English muffin with Nutella
  5. Clubbed in chocolate chip or Cocoa Krispie truffles
  6. Drizzled over apple slices
  7. Smeared on a bagel and topped with Frosted Flakes
  8. As an Oreo frosting
  9. Between two chocolate-covered pretzels
  10. Atop a waffle with maple syrup and chocolate chips
  11. Arranged into a smiley face with bananas and chocolate