Saying Scampi in different languages:

French – Scampi
Spanish – Gambas rebozadas
Gujarati – સ્કિમપી
Hindi – स्कीम्पी


Scampi, or langoustines also sometimes known in frilly circles, are small crustaceans that are members of the lobster family. Their scientific name is Nephrops norvegicus.

Scampi is the forgotten jewels of the sea. Try one at its best and it’s like tasting a fresh, sea-sweet breeze. We’ve been catching them off the coast of the British Isles for decades and bringing them back to Whitby, the home of scampi. We’re on a mission to reinstate scampi as one of Britain’s best-loved dishes.

Scampi is extremely delicate and should be poached for a few seconds before eating, you can eat them plain or along with melted butter.

In the UK breaded scampi is a popular pub meal, served with chips and peas and tartar sauce. You can buy cheap versions of breaded scampi which is actually made up from the left over fish bits. This is referred to as ‘reformed scampi’.