People spend plenty of time in their kitchens baking and cooking. Often they are clueless and unsure how exactly they would be baking. They mess up when they try out too many things at a time. They need to learn all about mess free baking.

As someone said about the joy of baking, ‘it is all about a balancing act between time, temperature, and ingredients’.

Mess free baking is an art that people can follow to avoid time-wastage and achieve amazing results. As for me, I love to bake cupcakes, cakes, and cookies in my home bakery, each time I visit the kitchen. However, personally, I do not want to spend a minute more than I need to be in the kitchen.

I have a simple thinking behind mess free baking. I have many other exciting things in my mind about the upcoming weekend schedules. There is a new TV show, my tennis lessons, gym session, and need for plenty of shopping time. Not to speak of chilling out with my friends.

These all activities need plenty of time, so can I afford to devote my quality time messing up in the kitchen? Surely not! I follow certain mess free baking rules that I am sure you would love them.

1. Plan for Baking

Before you begin baking, preview your recipe plan. At times, description of some recipes is more complex than in practice.

Closely following each step of baking is fine, but not at the expense of some chaotic loss of valuable time. Try an easier way out, while not tampering with the basic fabric, ingredients, and core style.

For example, in few baking recipes, mixing of ingredients is done one by one, like first mix this then keep it aside, then mix another ingredient.

You can mix all ingredient and mix it does not make any difference in its result. Its experience comes from several trial and error sessions.

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2. Clean kitchenware 

Tidy kitchen before you start baking is a thumb rule to mess free baking. Dirty utensils in the sink may add to your baking woes, as those may include what you may require.

Many people never keep things back after use where they belong. This usually happens when more than one person commands the kitchen.

It is a major time saver for mess free baking to find things uncluttered in order and tidy.

Ritually, after the work is over in my home bakery, one should always walk out when the kitchen is all tidy. Because next time you walk in the kitchen, you might feel dispirited and lose zest to bake.

As half the time you would be cleaning and busy finding things.

3. Arrange Tools and Ingredients before you begin

The preparation should include an arrangement of ingredients and kitchen tools before baking.

When baking muffins or cakes you need everything up there on the table such as eggbeater, blender, all sizes scoop to measure out ingredients, bowls to mix, baking trays, and muffin tins etc.

Arrange ingredients also to avoid mess up when baking. Because you cannot afford to miss any important ingredient at the last moment.

For baking, scoops of all sizes are very handy, as you can use smaller one for truffles, medium one for cookies & muffins, and the bigger for the cakes etc. At least, this is what I prefer to do.

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4. Mess free baking – Few smart tips

As a self-acclaimed super-baker, I have discovered few ways for mess free baking.

  • While preparing the batter for baking, the scoop becomes a mess, because the batter sticks to the scoop disallowing a correct measurement.More often than not, my muffins never turned out to be exactly what I wanted. The solution for that issue came to me in the shape of non-stick cooking spray.Now I spray muffin tins and scoops, keeping them over the sink to avoid a further mess. This is the best tip I can give to all who really endeavor for the mess free baking.
  • There are many ingredients in your fridge that would be too old to use such as baking soda, baking powder etc. Throw them and buy fresh stock, so your baking should not be messy.
  • Weighing ingredient is one good idea for the mess free baking, as you would not need to mess up with other vessels.
  • Never use thin baking trays and plates because of improper heat distribution, as these might mess your baking,

Smart baking is a labor of love, which is never lost. It is a love that passes from generation to generation. How do you keep your baking mess-free? Do share with us in comments.