No bake frozen chocolate pie is something you can put together when it is too hot to bake. You can make and freeze this no-bake silk chocolate pie for up to 3 months. Best chocolate pie for any parties, holiday treat or for the picnic this summer!

Vegan No Bake Chocolate Pie3

The base for this homemade chocolate pie is the oreo biscuit, you can use any flavor of Oreo biscuits as per your choice. Here I am using the Oreos with its choco cream. It depends on you if you want, you can remove cream and use only cookies.

This dark chocolate no-bake pie is insanely impressive dessert for kids, drizzle Hershey chocolate syrup, top it with chocolate chips and serve it. The idea for making this Hershey chocolate pie comes to mind when I’m with my friends and suddenly they force me to make a dessert. They all know that I like cooking, especially desserts.

It was a summertime, I like to cook but I hate hot summer days spending in the kitchen. So, I thought let’s make a dish which takes less effort and taste yummy in every season. This chocolate pie recipe is perfect for that kind of situation. Make it in summer and serve cold as well as you can make it in winter and serve it as a room temperature.

The best thing about this pie recipe is you can make 2-3 pie and store it in the freezer for around 2 to 3 months. Wrap the pie and store it in the airtight container in the deep freeze or in the refrigerator. Use it for last minute parties.

Vegan No Bake Chocolate Pie1

Special Tip:

Try something creative, add melted peanut butter with melted chocolate and pour it in the oreo tart. And make chocolate peanut butter no-bake pie.

Health Tip:

Use dark chocolate, its potential as a cancer-fighting food, helps you in improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Use low-fat cream, it will help you with diet and weight loss.

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