For all those hungry souls out there who are super lazy to cook, here are your food hacks that can help you through the day! We promise it will be healthy and easy breezy.

1. Use broth to cook your food, and skip oil altogether

If you want to minus the oil in your cooking, you can opt for vegetable stock or chicken broth to cook your meals instead. It’s healthy and easy too.

2. Freeze and keep your breakfast ready!

Make an egg sandwich or a chicken sandwich and make a couple of them in bulk and freeze them. Say goodbye to your morning breakfast struggle cause you have your meals all ready.

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3. Stock up on frozen veggies and add them to everything

Keep a bunch of veggies cut and frozen. They keep all the vitamins and minerals intact and they are ready to eat. You can make a quick salad with these veggies or use them in your meals too.

4. Start Grilling

Grill your meals! Add corn, mushrooms, broccoli etc and grill them, as they don’t require too much oil and they will remain healthy as always.

5. Visit Bachelor Recipe Website

Say goodbye to those searches on youtube for quick and easy recipes. Bachelor Recipe has all those 60 mins recipes which can be cooked easily and quickly. It has a variety of categories to chose from and has recipes that range from authentic homemade food to restaurant style dishes. Try and review them.

6. Stock up your food unit with brown rice & complex carbs

Whole grains and complex carbs are great because they’re slower to digest and will keep you full longer. Buy plastic freezer bags and good Tupperware.

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7. Freeze ready-to-use paste

Chop a load of onions, garlic, ginger, chili, coriander, parsley, mint, etc and put it all in individual freezer bags then use it as needed for soups, stews, sauces, and stir-fry. Freezing preserves all the goodness and if you have all that stuff on hand then you are not tempted to buy ready-made meals.

8. Slow cooker for faster meals

Slow cookers make things so easy and are perfect for those nights where you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to cook. Throw all your ingredients in the pot during the morning and come back to a meal already made.

9. Non-stick Pans

Making meals on nonstick pans are healthy and super easy. Throw in your mushrooms, chicken, spices, and garlic for a quick meal. The best part about nonstick pans is that they require very little oil. They are easy for cooking eggs and they don’t stick to your pan too.

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10. For all coffee lovers

Switch to soy milk and almond milk and just by making this one change and of course less sugar too. Your mornings can start off with very less fat since you skip all that sugar and high fat cream!